Luc Johnston was Tru's first season love interest, who worked as a photographer. Luc was played by Matthew Bomer. He was a series regular from episodes 6-20 in season one. Luc broke things off with Tru over her constant disappearances and strange behavior. In the season 1 finale, Tru rewinds the day to save her brother from being shot by a woman's jealous ex-husband. Luc returns to give her a second chance, but storms off confused and angry when she tries to tell him the truth about her powers. Jack claims that the woman can prove Tru's story, and manipulates Luc into going to her house carrying flowers, causing her ex to shoot him instead of Harrison.
Luc Johnston

Luc Johnston

Luc Johnston
First appearance Past Tense
Last appearance Two Weddings and A Funeral
Cause/Reason Death
Portrayed By Matthew Bomer
Episode Count 10
Date of death 2004
Occupation Photographer