Rear Windowis the eighteenth episode of the first season.

Plot Edit

Tru wakes up in her apartment with a package delivered to her home, finding it was brought to the wrong address. She takes it upstairs to her neighbor, who asks for dating advice. At work, Luke asks Tru if it's okay if he moves into an apartment across the street from her. Jack eavesdrops on the conversation.

Davis gives a letter to Jack which was delivered to the morgue. They discuss an old mutual friend, Tom Forrester, and Davis writes a note to call him.

Tru and Harrison meet at the diner and discuss dating. Tru happens to find her neighbor, Chris Barrinson, at the diner having an argument on the phone with a man who won't leave her alone.

Harrison and Lindsay meet up to exchange things they left at each other's homes. Harrison asks if Lindsay wants to get back together and she turns him down. They argue briefly before Lindsay leaves.

At the morgue, Davis calls Tom and mentions Jack, and seems surprised by the answer he gets.

At home, Tru looks out her window only to find that the apartment Luke rented is literally across from each other, and she's able to see him out her window. She also sees Chris arguing with a man in her apartment. She goes to work and immediately after, Jack brings in a new body: a man that jack identifies as Chris Barrinson. Tru argues with him, stating that Chris is a female.

Davis comes in on his day off and asks to speak to Tru in private. Before she is able to, though, the corpse wakes up and asks for true to "please save me." The day rewinds. Tru instantly goes to the morgue to discuss what happened with Davis. Inside, Jack arrives too and asks if he can check the mail himself, which is different from the first time the day played. Jack pockets a letter.

Tru goes to the diner to meet up with Chris again, who now is worried about meeting up with the man she was arguing with, and informs Tru that she had her identity stolen. Tru walks with her to her apartment to keep her company. When she arrives, she finds that Jack is moving into the apartment that Luke moved into the first time the day happened.

Davis finds the identity thief is working as a medical equipment salesman, calls him and asks for him to come in to sell them some equipment. When he arrives Davis and Tru confront him and he reveals thatheis the real Chris Barrinson and the woman is the thief. He leaves in a hurry.

Jack calls Tru and tells her he followed the fake Chris when she went out, Tru is surprised to hear that Jack is following her, but listens anyway. She bought a necklace at a jewelry store then pawned it immediately for half the price.