Shawn Reaves (born February 5th, 1978 in ) is an American actor. He is most well known for the role of Harrison Reaves, the brother of the main character Tru Davies (played by Eliza Dushku) on the FOX television series, Tru Calling. Reaves studied acting in at the Lee Strasberg Theater Institute and coached privately with. Other film credits include: Dandelion (2004), Auto Focus (2002) and (2001). He is currently living in Los Angeles.

Filmography Edit

  • Things Behind The Sun (2001) as Tex
  • Aito Focus (2002) as Bob Crane Jr. at 20
  • Dandelion (2004) as Arlee
  • 8 Ball (2008) as Vincent
  • Shadowheart (2009) as Johny Cooper

Television Work Edit

  • Tru Calling (2003-2005) as Harrison Davies
  • Law and Order: Special Victams Unit (2006) as Daniel Hunter
  • CSI : Miami(2007) as Louis Sullivan
  • Life (2007) as Eddie

Studies Edit

He studied acting in New York at the Lee Strasberg Theatre Institute and worked one on one with Harold Guskin. He has also studied with Lesley Kahn in Los Angeles and is a graduate of The Actors Circle, Formuly Center Area, LA

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